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The following year saw the band release the concert LP Vivo Auditorio Telmex at the same time they began posting clips of new tracks on the Internet. They were raw, hardcore corridos, and sounded like demos. It was a strategy to reveal to fans that the band had turned back toward its roots. The official pre-release official track "Las Ultras" was nominated for Best Dance Song at that year's Premios Juventud. In September, Disa issued the 15-track Guerra de Poder . Its single, "Corrido de Juantito," topped the Mexican Regional Airplay chart.

I kept doing my own taxes as if it were 2010, but the increasingly favorable life conditions meant my tax bill was growing exponentially. This didn’t concern me too much, because it also meant my after-tax income (which was 100% unnecessary anyway – our living expenses are already more than covered by investments) was growing at a similar pace. You have way more money than you could possibly spend, and you’re paying a lot of tax. Only an angry ideologue would consider this a bad situation. I decided not to be one of those guys, and instead keep the energy focused only within my circle of control .

It's hard to overstate the odds-defying success of LoL, both as a game and as a business. The game, like any great team sport, rewards both individual skill and collective ingenuity. The object is simple: Two five-player squads face off to destroy the other team's base on the opposite side of the map. Myriad complexities keep the gameplay exciting: Players must work together using special skills and unique characters known as "champions." They must battle monsters in the jungle between the bases to strengthen their side. Ambushes change the momentum of the game; teamwork overcomes raw skill; underdogs sometimes capture breathtaking victories. For the game's hundreds of millions of players, it's an addictive mix. Many devote dozens of hours a week to playing the game, battling to rank among the game's best.

Various Hardcore Breakout USAVarious Hardcore Breakout USAVarious Hardcore Breakout USAVarious Hardcore Breakout USA