Tool silence - the blazing ice

But even if their own enthusiasm has waned at times, Keenan and his bandmates never gave up on Tool. That’s why they’re setting out on a summer tour that visits cities they haven’t played in more than a decade. That’s why they fought an insurance company in a lawsuit that the band said was the primary reason for the album’s delay . That’s why the vague promise of LP5 dropping sometime during the Trump administration doesn’t seem far-fetched. Even if their fanbase can become oppressive and frustrating, they recognize how much Tool means to so many people who are actually in it for the music and the way that music makes them feel, free of all outside circumstances. Patiently, whether to build demand or simply escape from the expectations of their popularity, Tool have waited. And if and when they do drop LP5, it will deliver. So let’s all just chill the fuck out, catch a tour stop in the meantime, and let these guys work at their own pace, however languid.

The CPA-Zicklin Index is part of this toolkit. It’s a gag for silencing the business community from exercising its First Amendment rights. 

The story's hand tool content: Though the plot does not center on hand tools, Lumir's workshop serves as the background for a number of scenes. A retired packing plant worker, he spends his time building furniture in the two-story-shed behind his home. ("A man's shop should be bigger than his house.") As the story develops, Lumir befriends a local boy and teaches him how to care for hand tools. There's a saw-sharpening scene, and another in which Lumir must defend himself with one of the tools in his shop. Super glue eventually plays a role in getting the villain to confess.

Thus, the use of active silence is complicated by another NLP truism: “the meaning of your communication is the response you get.” There’s no “dictionary definition” for what a period of silence of any given length ought to mean to which we can appeal. Each individual will apply his or her own interpretation to such an act, and it’s pretty much a random exercise as to whether or not their meaning will coincide with yours. It is precisely the fact that the insertion of a period of silence into a communication (whether or not accompanied by a little sigh) equates to the insertion of a word that will be randomly defined by the receiver.

If this song really means something special to you, describe your feelings and thoughts . Don't hesitate to explain what songwriters and singer wanted to say. Also we collected some tips and tricks for you:

Research suggests that silences need to be regular, rather than ad hoc, to have a positive impact. To use silence effectively, it is necessary to develop an art for it, a technology for its implementation. Ironically, if we are to achieve this, we will need to talk about silence rather a lot.

Tool Silence - The Blazing IceTool Silence - The Blazing IceTool Silence - The Blazing IceTool Silence - The Blazing Ice